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Google My Account Sign-in

Google Prompt Makes 2-Step Verification Easier

Google Prompt Makes 2-Step Verification Easier

Google offers you as many tools as possible to keep your account safe. Keeping your accounts and information safe just got a little easier with Google Prompt. You may already be familiar with the 2-Step Verification (2SV) process which is recommended whenever it can be used. The 2SV process can be a text message to your phone, a code entered from an authenticator app or now from a Google Prompt on your phone.

You can now choose any of these sign-in options but going to the My Account section of your Google account.

Google My Account Sign-in

Step 1. Go to My Account and login to your Google account.

Step 2. Click the Sign-in & Security section.

Step 3. Look for the Signing in to Google section and click the 2-Step Verification section.

Signing in to Google

Step 4. Select Google Prompt as the default 2-Step Verification method that you prefer and then you are done. Now, when you sign-in to a Google product, you will be prompted on your phone to approve or deny the login request.

Google Prompt


  • Currently, you can’t have Security Keys and Google prompt enabled at the same time.
  • A data connection is required to use Google prompt.
  • Android users will need updated Google Play Services to use Google prompt.
  • iOS users will need the Google Search app installed on their phone to use Google prompt.

For more information, visit Google’s blog¬†about Google Prompt.